How to use Instagram to grow your business: Top tips from Jennifer Jaden

Instagram is one of my favourite apps. Not only does it have the best filters but it’s also where I get loads of my outfit inspiration and stalk keep up to date with what my friends are up to.

I caught up with Jennifer Braunersrither, the creator and founder of The Social Society to find out the key to growing a business on Instagram.


What business are you promoting on Instagram?

The social society is a community of women who crush it online. I created this to help bring women together. My goal is to help women stop being so competitive and embrace the community that is in social media.


What do you post about?

I try and post about different women online who show a sense of creative drive in entrepreneurship. I feel it’s my job in life to bring people together so I’m using the Social Society to create this community


Why did you choose Instagram as a place to promote your business?

I have been using Instagram for a lot of years and it’s my favorite social platform. I love that there’s so many creative people using Instagram and I feel that the people of attracted to also love Instagram


How has Instagram helped you grow your business?

Instagram has been huge in growing my businesses not only do I run the social society but I also am a social media strategist and branding consultant my business is called social index and I hope companies and people look good, online!


What have you learned by using Instagram for business?

Instagram has been huge in my business it’s how I get to work with so many amazing people and collaborate with them so many in sanely creative and talented people use Instagram so it’s a great way to reach out and to find ways to work together.

It’s my goal to help others and I felt that creating this community the social society to help people really connect and learn how to collaborate and know more about each other.

Find out more about Jennifer at

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