Nine perfect gifts for career girls 

Still looking for a gift for that career focused woman in your life? Maybe your sister who owns her own business or your partner who just got promoted… again? 

Look no further,  here are nine fail safe gifts that will have her smiling all the way to the boardroom.  

9. Stationary 

I don’t know any career girl that doesn’t love a chunky notebook to brighten up her desk. Paperchase is my favourite for stationary that you won’t see anywhere else. 

8. Magazine subscription 

Whatever industry she is in, there will be a related industry magazine. If in doubt, buy her Vogue


7. iTunes vouchers 

Vouchers usually say; “I didn’t know what to get you” but at least she can buy herself some new music with these. 

6. Small handbag 

Every working woman I know carries way too much stuff around with her. Encourage her to declutter by giving her a smaller bag. 


5. Spa weekend 

The perfect place for her to relax and recharge. Make sure she can choose her own dates though, and that it’s not too far to get to. Groupon usually has some great deals. 

4. A watch 

Practical and thoughtful. Observe what kind of watches she usually wears and go for something similar. 


3. Phone case 

Always useful, and the perfect way to make sure she remembers you on the go. Skinnydip London are currently offering the most unique styles, and they sell at Topshop and online. 

2. A personalised beauty box 

Extra brownie points for getting her a make up bag with her name on it, and buying her a few beauty items that she either needs to restock, or you think she would love. 

1. Heels 

Well those corridors of power won’t walk themselves! Find out her size, style and the kinds of colours she usually wears. Black, closed toe, and not too high are the safest choices. 

What’s the best present you’ve ever bought a career girl? 

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