Should you hustle in silence or as loudly as possible?

“Real G’s move in silence like lasagne” – Lil Wayne, 2010.

The internet is a very noisy place with people constantly promoting their work and shouting about how much they are ‘hustling’. It made me wonder; does it make a difference whether you hustle in silence or as loudly as possible?

Example of a silent hustler:
Beyonce. You’re lying if you say you weren’t surprised when she dropped Lemonade.

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Here’s why your friends don’t support your work

Friend (noun)

A person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations.

Ahh friends, those awesome people who are practically family members, except you got to choose them yourself.

They are the ones you run to first when you have good news, the ones you want around you when you’re celebrating, and the ones you feel comfortable crying in front of.

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Why helping the competition won’t kill you

I saw a quote recently on a competitor’s website, which said “There are two rules for success… 1. Never reveal everything you know.”

I wasn’t entirely sure if I agreed with it, so I asked my Twitter followers what they thought.

Interestingly, the men who replied said they agreed with the statement, and the women said they didn’t agree.

Just a coincidence? I can’t be certain.

Here’s why I don’t think helping other people will hurt you.

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5 lies the world is telling you about success 

1. That’s its all about you. 

When a sportsperson wins an award, there’s only one space on that plinth. But in reality many different people have worked very hard to get them to that winning position; coaches, nutritionists, sponsors, family, friends, supporters, equipment manufactures and many others.

Success is all about collaboration, that’s why film credits are so long and acceptance speeches can drag on forever.
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