I’ve been using the same night cream for five years 

When I find something good, I tend to stick with it.

Other night creams have tempted me with their promises of younger looking skin and a dewy glow, but this basic Superdrug own-brand Vitamin E night cream has stood the test of time.


I literally wouldn’t be able to sleep if my night cream had any kind of strong odour, luckily this one doesn’t.


What I love about this night cream is that it’s not too heavy, you can apply as much or as little as you need and work it into especially dry areas without worrying about waking up with spots.

I know some people talk about the joy of waking up to find their night cream still on thier face, but this one isn’t heavy enough to still be there eight hours later (who am I kidding? More like six.)



I didn’t find anything nasty on the ingredients list, it’s suitable for vegans and hasn’t been tested on animals.


I keep this cream on my beside table alongside the day cream of the same brand which is pretty much the same thing but with SPF.

You can buy both for £2.99 each from Superdrug online or in store.

The ‘R’ Factor 

I have already recommended this cream to family members and would say it’s perfect for a cheap and cheerful cream that won’t irritate your skin.

Do you have a product you’ve been using for five years? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @PhoebeParke.

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