Review: Lovely Sheer by Sarah Jessica Parker 

“Second only to the search of the perfect male, is the search for the perfect fragrance,” 

…said Carrie Bradshaw in Season 6, Episode 13 of Sex and the City (or as it was called in my household for modesty’s sake; ‘The Carrie Bradshaw Programme.’) 

And I think I’ve finally found my perfect Spring scent; Lovely Sheer by Sarah Jessica Parker


Lovely Sheer is how I imagine a ballet teacher smells as she wafts past you on the way to her next class; clutching a glass of lemon water in one hand and fresh ballet shoes in the other, for the students who forgot theirs. 

But, according to the official literature, the fragrance is a blend of Moroccan Orange flower, Gardenia water, pink peppercorns and musk. 


This perfume has a subtlety about it, it doesn’t shout about its presence like some fragrances do, it’s more of a whisper – and a very enticing one at that. 

Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) launched her first scent ‘Lovely‘ in 2005, and unlike some celebrity fragrances it really seems to fit her persona; grown up, whimsical and sensual without being trashy.

    Lovely Sheer is billed as “a light and fresh variation of the original.” 

Although Lovely Sheer is a subtle fragrance, it did stay on all day *sniffs wrist to check* yep, it’s still there. 

The bottle is heavy enough to trick you into thinking it’s expensive, but not so heavy it would bruise if you dropped it. 

The bottle is a transparent version of the pink one used for Lovely, and the ribbed pink headband around the top is probably what made me think of ballet. 

Lovely Sheer by Sarah Jessica Parker will be available in the UK at Superdrug stores and online from April 6 2016, and is priced at £48/100ml. 

The R Factor 

This product would be the perfect gift for someone who is a fan of SJP and Carrie Bradshaw — the knowledge of both those women adds so much to the experience of wearing the perfume. 


With thanks to B Public Relations for providing the fragrance. 

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