9 chat up lines that don’t include the word ‘Yo’

1. What are you drinking, can I get you another? (Few women I know turn down free drinks, as long as they can see them being made)
2. I’m having a rum and coke, would you like one? (see above)
3. I love that dress you’re wearing – where is it from? (She won’t be expecting this and will probably grin from ear to ear, and go into a story about how she bought it)

4. Would you like to dance? (General rule: Ask first, make physical contact later)
5. Can I have five minutes of your time? (Who could possibly say no to such a polite request?!)
6. Are you busy on Friday, I’d love to take you to dinner (direct, to the point, and if she’s not feeling you, you will know immediately without wasting your time)

7. Can you come over here so I can talk to you for a second? (Separates her from her group of friends, and distances you from their steely glares)
8. How’s your day/night going so far? (You really might be the first person to take an interest in her day since she woke up)
9. Hi my name is *insert your name here*, what’s yours? (Always good to start with the basics and be polite)

Lines to avoid:

“Can you cook?”

“You should smile more, you look miserable”

“Do you come here often?”

“Oi/Yo/*hissing noise*”

Can you do any better? Write your best openers in the comments or tweet me @PhoebeParke

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