How to effectively market your work without DMing anyone

I’m pretty sure even Yo Gotti doesn’t market his music by DMing people on social media, so why are we still getting soundcloud links in our DMs in 2016?

Here are five reasons why I don’t think it will get you anywhere.

1. If you are serious about working with someone, you should take the time out to go and find their email address which is probably sitting in their about page on their website. That’s most likely where they conduct their business from

2. Most people use direct messages (DMs) for private and personal conversations so automated welcome messages and soundcloud promo links can feel like an invasion 

3. If you can DM someone, chances are they are already following you, so they may have already seen your work organically and don’t need a reminder 

4. These DM’s are never personalised. In my experience the same text is usually sent to everyone or even worse, you’re added to a DM group chat and get a notification every time someone replies *rubs temples*


5. Using DMs as a marketing technique casts a suspicious shadow on the rest of your work. If this is how you get people to share and see your work, how can I trust that people actually enjoy your content? 

Those page views and video views could have all been achieved by having your friends share your work simply because you DMed them, not because they actually love what you do – we all know at least one person whose friends need to tell them to stop rapping/doing make-up/singing, but people still share their work… 

Exceptions: in my opinion it’s totally OK to DM someone you want to work with if you can’t find their email address online and you need to ask them for it, or if they are your friend and y’all have that kind of relationship.

Further reading:
Influencer and style blogger Mattie James recently mentioned this topic during this episode of her Mattieologie podcast.

If you are a musician, this post from social media manager Aysh Banaysh outlines the best ways to introduce people to your music.

Have you successfully started a working relationship with someone via a DM? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @PhoebeParke

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