How I made my real lashes look fake 

Fake eyelashes and I have only crossed paths a few times, but the encounters were so unpleasant that whenever I get given free eyelashes, I immediately give them to a friend more practiced in the art of fake eyelashery.

So, instead of risking gluing my eyelids together, I use mascara – and I think I’ve found one that will make your lashes look as good as falsies.

They’re real lengthening mascara by Benefit is the most effective mascara I’ve ever tried, I used to be a die hard Bad Gal fan (also by Benefit) but for an extreme ‘open-eyed’ look I’d go for They’re real.


You can find a full list of this product’s ingredients on the product page on the Benefit website.

The only substance that made me a little anxious was paraffin, which is used in many beauty products from shampoos to lip balms, but *could* have potential carcinogenic effects and clog pores.



This mascara was really easy to use, although the brush takes some getting used to as it is *very* spiky unlike the softer Bad Gal mascara brush.

I always start at the very root of my lashes with a mascara wand and wiggle it side to side before dragging the wand upwards along my lashes – I only needed one coat for daytime, and two for night.

You can buy Benefit’s They’re Real mascara from Boots stores in the UK and on the Benefit website for £19.50.


The R Factor 

I would definitely recommend this mascara to someone looking for a dramatic lash effect in a really short amount of time, and advise them to add black eyeliner for an even bolder look.

But don’t just take my word for it, see what other bloggers thought:


Information on Paraffin in beauty products: 

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