Five things it’s not OK to call me

Let’s get this straight once and for all.

1. “Lighty”
Can we leave this word behind now? It’s irritating, and so are all the connotations that come with it. I sometimes reply back late to texts because I’m busy, not because of my skin colour. 

I “think I’m too nice” because the bible says I was fearfully and wonderfully made, not because of my skin colour.

Sometimes I don’t return people’s calls because I have nothing nice to say to them, not because of my skin colour.

2. “Stush”
Honestly, my resting face is not the friendliest, and I’m OK with that. Doesn’t mean I’m being rude, I’m just relaxed.

Idris Elba himself could walk up to me and my face would stay the same… kinda.

3. “Bougie”
Anytime I eat somewhere that’s not Morleys chicken shop I’m bougie. Actually, if taking care of my body is bougie, then go right ahead and call me bougie! *blends smoothie*

4. “Lightskinned”
See number one, and also, stop with this nonsense unless you’re actually describing how I look to someone that doesn’t know me.

My skin colour is beyond irrelevant, it’s 2016.

5. After 11pm
I’m asleep, and I’m not trying to hear your mama and them in the background telling you to keep the noise down, as you play some old-ass Drake from a CD your ex made you.

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