How I faced my fears and started my own radio show

I’m the definition of an introvert; most comfortable in the corner of a room sipping a glass of Prosecco than in the middle of the dance floor, most suited to deep and meaningful one on one conversations than public speaking, and most used to being part of close, tight friendship circles than part of a larger gang.

So how did I end up hosting a grime show on Monday nights on a growing community radio station?

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How I implemented the 10 habits of a powerful woman

How much attention do you pay to your whatsapp group chats?

Every now and again, among the memes and screenshots, something powerful is shared (depending on who your friends are…)

In this case it was a video from R C Blakes entitled; The 10 habits of a powerful woman.

In the video Blakes explains that he believes it is his calling to restore the queens back to their thrones, and so he developed this teaching, and recorded two separate periscope sessions on the subject which he later uploaded to YouTube.

First, here’s the definition of a powerful woman:

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Five things it’s not OK to call me

Let’s get this straight once and for all.

1. “Lighty”
Can we leave this word behind now? It’s irritating, and so are all the connotations that come with it. I sometimes reply back late to texts because I’m busy, not because of my skin colour. 

I “think I’m too nice” because the bible says I was fearfully and wonderfully made, not because of my skin colour.

Sometimes I don’t return people’s calls because I have nothing nice to say to them, not because of my skin colour.

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5 reasons why you should read Sincerely Oghosa’s Sent From Heaven 

Looking for a new book to get stuck into this week? You might want to try something you won’t find in your local bookstore, the first novel from YouTuber Sincerely Oghosa — it’s like nothing you’ve ever read before. 

Sent From Heaven follows a woman called Chioma Da Silva, who died several years ago, leaving her fatherless son behind. With the help of God and some angels a few days before Christmas, she gets the chance to come back to earth to try to give her son a happy ending before it’s too late.
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The creation of Adam

9 lessons from Genesis

This month I’ve been reading Genesis as part of my private bible study and have learned so much from the stories of Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Jacob and Esau and Joseph and his brothers.

I’ve been using the Lion Guide to the Bible by Peter Walker as a kind of textbook (definitely more fun than my media law one!) to guide me in my studies and it’s really put a lot of things into perspective.

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