13 signs you’re subconsciously trying to destroy yourself

1. You can see what you’re eating is harming your body, yet you still do it. 

Even though you’ve seen the weight gain, the bad skin and the sluggishness, you just cover it up and say you’ll deal with it later.

2. You don’t take time out for yourself and you spend your downtime working. 

Downtime should not be spent sending company tweets, drafting emails or writing blog posts, downtime should be spent resting or watching your favourite show (without live-tweeting it).

3. You’re always doing 10 things at once. 

You don’t have to listen to the news while on the way to work, be on the phone giving advice while washing up or texting family while on your lunch break. 

Dedicate an appropriate amount of time to each task and you will feel less overwhelmed.


4. You’ve stopped investing in yourself. 

You desperately need new shoes for work or new trainers for the gym. Yet you continue to wear the old ones that give you blisters.

5. You constantly put everyone else’s needs before your own. 

Whenever your best friend needs something you drop everything, to be honest even if it’s not your best friend you run to their side, but who’s taking care of you? 

You don’t need to reply to every single message or email as soon as it comes in, don’t let people dictate the flow of your day; “lack of planning on your behalf doesn’t constitute an emergency for me.” 

6. You attend every single event you’re invited to, without thinking about whether you actually want to go or what else you’ve committed to that day.

7. Basic tasks don’t get done. 

You’ve neglected your house which is a mess because you’re so busy and have no time to do laundry or tidy up. 

You haven’t taken care of your hair, skin and nails in months because you haven’t had time. Your morning, bedtime and Sunday routines should be sacred.

8. You let other people dictate how you feel about yourself. 

Ever since someone called you ‘too tall’ you’ve stopped wearing heels even though you love them.

9. You speak negativity over your life. 

When something goes wrong you blame yourself and dwell on the failure instead of ensuring it doesn’t happen again.

10. You let people take advantage of you. 

You can clearly see that someone is taking more from you than they are giving back, yet you allow them to, because you’re scared of losing that job/client/friend.

11. You stay in toxic relationships because you don’t think you can do any better or are worth any more than they tell you you are.

12. You give in to every single temptation and indulgence, yet none of them satisfy you. 

Treating yourself doesn’t mean eating £4 cake every single day, it means eating your favourite £20 cake on a day when you really feel like you deserve it.

13. You ignore your emotions. 

If you’re feeling down every single morning when you wake up, and stressed every night when you go to bed, you need to make some changes.

How to turn it around.

Note: don’t be embarrassed to seek medical advice in addition to these steps – I am no GP!

– cancel all non-money-making plans for the week, or if you can afford it, all plans all together. If you feel like the statements above apply to you, take time out and reassess

– pre-plan your meals to make sure you don’t fall into that fast food place by accident

– switch off your phone at 11pm and see how refreshed you feel when you wake up

– feed yourself as if you were feeding a child. Would you give a child five cups of coffee, a bag of chips and a packet of crisps a day?

– take screen breaks and spend time walking around and thinking about things or people you love

– speak positivity into your life each morning, a great way to do this is to change your alarm text to a bible passage or a quote you love

Do you have any tips to get yourself back from the path to self-destruction? Leave them in the comments.

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