What To Put In Your Instagram Bio

So you’ve set up your Instagram account, chosen a handle and profile picture and now…. what on earth to put in that bio?

The blank space stares you in the face and you panic and write something like ‘Bios are hard!’ While that is a very true statement, if you want to build you personal brand on Instagram, or even if you just want to stand out from the crowd – you’re going to need to be more specific.

Your bio is one of the first things people see when they land on your profile, and it’s prime real estate for getting your brand message across – no one is going to be able to buy from you if they don’t know what you’re selling. Even if you’re not selling anything, you have about three seconds to make a good impression on someone and get them to follow, so clarity is key.

It’s tempting to write something edgy, cool and vague and signal to your friends that you think this whole bio thing is lame. Vague bios are fine if you’re an A-List celebrity: (Jennifer Aniston’s is ‘My friends call me Jen.’) When you’re starting out though, you’ll need to be more specific.  

Here are some common bio styles.

Tell people the problem you help solve

‘I help people reach their fitness goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle’

Two facts and something personal is another popular choice

‘Founder @avocadopics, writer @iloveavocados, and wife to @sallyisgreat.’

What your feed has to offer, and a call to action is common among companies

‘The number one destination for all your loungewear needs. Tap the link in bio to shop the latest collection.’  

Whichever style you choose, make sure it’s clear and specific, until you get as famous as Jennifer Aniston, then you can be edgy and vague.

If you’re interested in personal branding on Instagram, I’ve developed a 14-day step-by-step course to take you from starting up an account or revamping your current one to building your personal brand and getting recognised for your talents, find out more about it here.