How To Choose A Cover Image For Your Instagram Feed Or IGTV Video

You’ve filmed, edited and exported, now it’s time to upload, but to get maximum views on your Instagram video – you need to make sure your cover image is as attention-grabbing as possible.

How to change your Instagram Video cover 

You can change the cover of your Instagram Feed video when you upload it by using the ‘cover’ tab along the bottom of the upload screen, next to the filters. Scrub along the video, and stop when you reach your desired cover.

You’re probably tempted to pick the most beautiful still that resembles an image you’d post on your feed – but stop! You should actually do the opposite.

When a video cover is blurry or suggests movement, people are more likely to stop scrolling and watch it because it stands out from the still images on the rest of their feed. So pick something bright that suggests movement – like a person halfway through applying eyeliner in a beauty video or a someone at the height of a handstand in a fitness video.

(Can you tell I don’t watch many fitness videos, lol)

How to change your IGTV video cover 

Now on to IGTV videos, when you upload these you’ll be given the option of uploading your own image to serve as the cover – otherwise Instagram will just choose one for you.

You can design an amazing cover on Canva or Over, with a text overlay giving people the title of the video or you can take a screenshot from your video and use that as the cover.

Either way, the same rules apply as an Instagram Feed video – show movement to stop people in their tracks when they’re scrolling.

TLDR: anything is better than black screen that Instagram picks from the beginning of your video, stop people in their tracks with your video cover.


I hope this helped you! If you want to learn more about Instagram marketing and how to grow your personal brand on the platform, download my 14 day step-by-step personal branding course.