Beauty Fix or Beauty Fail: Nude by Nature Liquid Foundation 

I don’t know about y’all, but when I wake up in the morning I look and feel like a startled mongoose, and then usually by the time I get to work I look human-ish again. “How do you perform this amazing transformation?!” I hear you cry, well a large part of it is foundation.

Liquid foundation has a special place in my heart because it’s easy to apply and doesn’t leave my face all cakey and dry. This month I went to the UK launch of Australian brand, Nude by Nature and after I peeled myself away from the canape and cocktail table at the Charlotte Street hotel, I was talked through the make up range and colour matched (I’m W3, natural beige).

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5 of the Best… Products for Curly Hair That You May Not Have Heard of

Everyone seems to be obsessed with curly hair at the moment (me included) with a huge trend towards ‘going natural‘ in the past decade.

Some have said this is a backlash against treated hair and weaves, as a result there has been a move towards more organic and ‘natural ‘ ingredients. The hair market has been quick to respond and is now flooded with products claiming to be perfect for curly hair.

Here are 5 products that actually work (they’ve all been tested on my own curly locks) and that you might not have heard of yet…

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Rosie Fortescue talks Made in Chelsea, perfect nails and liquid lunches  

On a list of things that Made in Chelsea‘s Rosie Fortescue holds dear, perfectly manicured nails is pretty high up. She changes her nail colour twice a week and thinks a good manicure is the perfect way to finish off a look (I’m inclined to agree).

So it’s no surprise that the reality star and writer has launched a 28 shade nail varnish range with Nailed London. The colours are inspired by Rosie’s love of high fashion, socialising and even her dog Noodle.

I went along to the launch at the Soho Hotel in London to find out more.

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