Rosie Fortescue talks Made in Chelsea, perfect nails and liquid lunches  

On a list of things that Made in Chelsea‘s Rosie Fortescue holds dear, perfectly manicured nails is pretty high up. She changes her nail colour twice a week and thinks a good manicure is the perfect way to finish off a look (I’m inclined to agree).

So it’s no surprise that the reality star and writer has launched a 28 shade nail varnish range with Nailed London. The colours are inspired by Rosie’s love of high fashion, socialising and even her dog Noodle.

I went along to the launch at the Soho Hotel in London to find out more.

Rosie Fortescue

Phoebe Parke:Tell me a bit about the projects you are working on at the moment

Rosie Fortescue: I’m filming for the show [Made in Chelsea on Channel 4] at the moment and launching a jewellery brand on October 19. It’s going to be affordable, fashionable, and in four different materials, so that’s exciting.

Why is your collaboration with Nailed London important to you?

I wanted to develop a brand that is amazing quality, for the working girl that is busy, getting her hands stuck in, delving into her handbag for keys, doing the washing up and opening up boxes, all without her nails chipping.

The quality is amazing and it’s affordable too, I wanted to get the price right and the quality really good so that you can trust your nails won’t chip after three hours.

What’s your favourite colour in the collection?

I’m wearing ‘berry sexy’ on my hands at the moment, and I love ‘thigh high club’, it’s the kind of colour that I love wearing on my toes. I wore ‘liquid lunch’ on holiday, it reminds me of the summer literally having liquid lunches and drinking rosé in the sun.

You recently collaborated with Dorothy Perkins, do you often shop on the high street?

I love shopping on the high street, I find it more fun. The thrill of going into Dorothy Perkins or Topshop or River Island or Zara and finding something that is incredible, and then people are like “is that Isabel Marant?” No, it’s from the high street.

Rosie Fortescue

What is your favourite beauty trend right now?

Nude lips, I’m lucky because my lips are full, naturally full, so I love a good lip liner, I’m obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury’s pillow talk, and I love experimenting with nude lipsticks at the moment, the slightly more pinky ones, or darker nude ones for the evening.

Does someone do your make up for Made in Chelsea?

No, we do our hair and makeup ourselves. People will go and get their hair and maybe their makeup done, but I’m always running around like a mad woman.

I had to film a dinner party yesterday and I was wearing a very low cut dress. I went to a meeting before that with my rack out. It’s not massive so it wasn’t aggressive, but when you’re running around you’ve just got to get stuff done, I would’ve been delayed for filming if I had to change once I got there.

What are your top three beauty tips?

  1. Always have good nails. I mean, everyone gets caught with a chipped nail occasionally, but if I see someone with dirty looking unpreened hands, it makes me think that person is dirty.
  2. Drink lots of water. I have dry skin so I need to keep hydrated and if I’m dry my make up just slides off my face, when I’m really hydrated I can see the difference.
  3. Sleep! I’m the worst sleeper. I woke up a few nights ago the wrong way round in my bed up against my pillows wondering what had happened during the night. But trying to give yourself that time to sleep is so important. I’d say have a few nights off in the week where you are selfish and just spoil yourself.

What do you hope to be doing this time next year?

I hope that Nailed London will be stocked everywhere, I’d love it to be a brand that everyone knows about, that everyone is talking about and discussing their favourite colour. I’d like the same to be happening with my jewellery line.

Rosie Fortescue’s Nailed London range is available from today (September 15) at Harvey Nichols stores nationwide and online at:

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