11 Things all Bloggers Hate

1. Being asked if they earn money from their blogs. 

Do I ask how much you earn working at Topshop? Have I ever asked to see your payslip Mr. Investment Banker? No, so don’t ask me, mmmkay?

2. PR people offering them products they would never use. 

Girl. You *know* I have no use for volumising mousse, and no I am not excited about the new foundation brand you’re representing that only offers three shades.

3. PR people ignoring them once they find out how many page views they get a month. 

You approached me, asked if I wanted to try out a new product, I agreed to try it, you asked how many unique page views I get per month on average, I told you, and now I can’t get an email back from you. *rubs temples*

4. Articles that feature the same old bloggers every time. 

I think journalists must literally Google ‘lifestyle bloggers’ and interview the top five that Google throws at them.

Dig a little deeper, fellow journos, there’s more to be seen.

5. When people think the only topic bloggers write about is makeup. 

There are blogs about the most niche subjects from the latest tech releases to in-depth thought pieces about race and religion.


6. When people ask them to work for free. 

My time as a blogger is just as valuable as your time. That means that you hiring me to write for your website or review a product you just launched should include appropriate payment.

7. When people ask “Are you going to blog about that?!” at dinner.

I know I stood up out of my seat to get the best possible picture of our meal, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to blog about it. I probably will, but the question is annoying! You’ll have to wait and see.

8. When people tell them what they should blog about. 

Honestly, I love feedback and constructive criticism, but telling me that my beauty reviews are boring or that I shouldn’t blog about dating because someone else has been in more relationships than me is pointless. 

When *you* start up your blog, you can write whatever you want.

9. When WordPress is confusing and no one can help. 

“Can someone tell me why my Instagram widget has stopped working?!” you post online in the hopes that someone, somewhere will be able to help you.

Alas, your friends have never heard of WordPress and an Internet geek sends you a snide comment and some code you can’t read to fix the problem.


10. When the wifi sucks. 

I’m trying to post an image teasing today’s blog post on five different social media channels, all with different text, and not a single one is going through. And by the time I’ve snapchatted my lunch it’s dinner time. *le sigh*

11. When they’re treated like second class citizens at events. 

I’ve literally walked into events, been asked at the door if I’m a blogger or a journalist, and when I’ve replied that I’m a blogger, been sent over to the shoddy side of the event venue, away from the journalists and the actual product I’m there to try.

Any event that has different goodie bags for bloggers and journalists is an event I’m not there for.

What do you hate as a blogger? Let me know in the comments.


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2 thoughts on “11 Things all Bloggers Hate

  1. Ms.Lake says:

    Haha I love this, all true! I have a suggestion for #9 – go to wordpress.com or .org if your’re self-hosted to the support page for the plugin or issue that you’re having. You can post a question or look over other issues to see if yours is already there. They respond quickly. I’ve solve a few glitches there.

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