Impartial review: London Butterflies Whipped Body Cream

“Indulgent, Chic and British” is how London Butterflies founder Lubna Ahmad describes her brand.

And she’s not far off the mark, I got my hands on a sample of her whipped body cream in the February edition of Birchbox and spoke to Birchbox UK‘s Rachel Humphrey about the product.

Her passion and enthusiasm for the product, plus the fact that London Butterflies had a close relationship with Birchbox meant that I just had to try it — the Birchbox team really know their brands.

Body Cream Product


I recently read a tweet which said something like; “I want to be known for always smelling good and being nice,” and as superficial as that sounds, these are some of my day to day goals too.

London Butterflies may be able to get you well on your way, I tried the Winter Jasmine and Starflower with Sweet Almond Oil cream and fell in love with the scent alone. It smells feminine, naturally flowery and clean.


How effective any cream is always depends on your skin type and I wouldn’t claim this is as moisturising as say, Nivea’s intense moisture range or a Vaseline product, but as a light body cream it definitely does the job.


I loved the cute sample size tub I got in my Birchbox, the packaging is so fitting with the brand — it’s bright and has pretty butterflies on it — what more could you want?

I’m particularly in love with the heavy glass jar which is similar to the ones Pond’s skincare uses, it makes the cream seem more luxurious somehow and keeps the cream cold, making it more refreshing.

I’m less in love with the price though, at £37 for 170ml this really is a luxury product, maybe the ingredients will help me understand the price…


Ah ha! The ingredients list is bursting with natural flower extracts and leaf oils, plus it’s made in Britain as founder Lubna Ahmad explains; “I decided to focus on using only naturally active ingredients found here in the UK that could be locally sourced also keeping London Butterflies products carbon footprint low.”

The R Factor

I really like the smell, packaging and ethos behind this brand: Lubna Ahmad gave up the hustle of city life, retrained and started making her own bespoke handmade beauty products for friends and family.

Then on a trip to the Middle East in early 2012 she had her ‘light bulb’ moment:  “I was struck by the intense respect and high regard that was felt for quality British heritage products made in the UK.”

If you want a quality product and are willing to pay a bit more for it then London Butterflies is for you.

Have you tried any of the other products London Butterflies has to offer? What did you think?

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