9 things I learned on #makeupfreemonday

For a few Mondays this month I’ve been going make up free (eek) in order to give my skin a breather, and try to break my addiction to the creamy crack that is true match foundation.

Here’s what I found out…

1. My skin is about 100 different shades

I’m so used to covering up my face in the morning without even looking at it, I never really noticed how weird my face looks in the cold light of day. Now I know which areas are naturally more red, and which areas are darker than others.

2. The tube is really, really boring

Without a full make up routine to go through, you realise how boring the morning commute actually is. I ended up downloading the woman’s hour podcast just to get me through.

  1. No one cares about your face

Maybe people just didn’t want to be rude, but the only person that mentioned anything to me about not wearing make up was my work BFF – and only after a good 10 minutes of talking to me.

  1. Rubbing your eyes is so much fun

When you’re not worried about smudging your mascara, the act of rubbing one’s eyes is strangely liberating.

  1. Good skincare is *really* important

When you’re not wearing make up every little hump and bump shows, so using spot-zapping gels and illuminating creams really makes a difference.

  1. Hair overcompensation is a thing

When I wasn’t wearing make up I felt compelled to make an extra effort with my outfits and hair so people wouldn’t think I was just lazy/hungover/a hot mess.

  1. I wear way too much make-up

After not wearing make up for a while, I realised how I never actually look at how much coverage my skin needs before applying make up. I always pump out the same about of foundation without seeing if there are actually as many blemishes to cover.

  1. Some people look amazing without make up on

You notice other people’s faces so much more when you’re not wearing make up, and some women look stunning without  any, or with very little on. A little depressing but also great motivation.

  1. Working out is always a good idea

Not only does it help remove toxins from your body but you get that natural post workout glow that no illuminating cream can possibly provide.

Have you ever gone make-up free? Share your experiences below.

4 thoughts on “9 things I learned on #makeupfreemonday

    • Phoebe Parke says:

      Hi Jay! Thanks so much for reading, it took me a lot of courage (and procrastination) to write this post, so I’m so happy it inspired you! Phoebe x

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Safiyah Morgan says:

    Hi pheebs 🙂
    You always looked amazing in school without makeup. I think wearing it too much makes us feel awful without it. So keep up the the bare Mondays so you can get use to your beautiful self again. We’re way too young to worry about blemishes. But if you can recomend an illuminating cream 😉. Loving your blogs 😊


    • Phoebe Parke says:

      Hey Safiyah! Thank you so much! Really appreciate the sweet comment and thanks for reading 🙂 I use Simple’s kind to skin illuminating radiance cream 🙂 x


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