50 things that make me happy

1. Eating gyoza (or pretty much anything) from Wagamama
2. Pineapples (but not pineapple juice)
3. Reading the news and throwing shade on Asia V (pictured above)’s show on Wandsworth radio on a Saturday
4. Missguided jumpsuits
5. When people actually end up being fine after losing someone they thought they couldn’t live without
6. Psalms 112:7
7. Chicken nuggets from McDonalds with barbecue sauce
8. Going to church and feeling like I belong
9. Hosting the Grimary School on Wandsworth radio (Mondays 7 – 8pm)
10. Bitmojis (especially the dab bitmoji)

11. Gourmet Burger Kitchen’s chicken satay burger *drools*
12. Seeing my nephew play (or do pretty much anything)
13. Dinner dates at Turtle Bay
14. Love
15. White toe nail varnish
16. Helping people revamp their blogs
17. Heels that look good but you can still walk in them
18. Missguided midi-dresses
19. Friends that have your back
20. Purple lipstick

21. The Good Wife (TV show)
22. Well-planned events
23. Stationary from Muji
24. Milkshakes from Gourmet Burger Kitchen
25. Company that makes me forget to look at my phone
26. Respect
27. When customer service accounts on Twitter clapback at customers
28. The X-Pro II filter on Instagram
29. Animated films (favourites inlcude; Finding Nemo and How to Train your Dragon)
30. Seekers of the Sun gold henna transfers


31. Manners in clubs/on public transport
32. Black-ish (TV show)
33. The whole Bloggers of Colour community
34. A tall, cold glass of Malibu and Lemonade
35. Rihanna gifs
36. UK Grime (specifically, Giggs/JME/Wiley)
37. When I ask someone a question but I already know the answer
38. When my blog posts help people
39. Pina Coladas
40. Old friends


41. Mattieologie’s podcast
42. Trap music
43. Going on holiday with amazing female friends 
44. Watching the Kardashians build their empire
45. New nails
46. DJ Khaled living his life unapologetically on Snapchat
47. Inspiring female leaders
48. Vybz Kartel’s music
49. A fresh haircut
50. Being around people who know what they want and how to get it

Are you joining in the 50 things that make me happy tag on your blog? Leave your URLs below, or tweet me and let me know what makes you happy @PhoebeParke.

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