19 things you shouldn’t have to ask him to do

1. Remember your birthday without you hinting or leaving reminders around the place

2. Take you out to dinner

3. Remember your parent’s names

4. Be on time to meet you when you have plans

5. Accept your Instagram request

6. Check in on you every few days

7. Support you professionally by reading your blog/coming to your shows/watching your YouTube videos

8. Respect your mind, body and soul and not subject you to abuse of any of those three

9. Ask you how your day was

10. Make plans with you, and give you 48 hours notice of them

11. Not hit on your friends or family members

12. Take your interests, likes and dislikes into account when planning dates

13. Dress appropriately at work and social functions (if you choose to invite him)

14. Not have headphones in when you’re trying to speak to him

15. Support, or at the very least respect, your religious and political views

16. Allow you to be 100% you (including spending your money, wearing your hair and makeup and dressing as you wish) without fear of making him feel uncomfortable

17. Call you at a time convenient for the both of you, not just him

18. Pay attention when you’re speaking directly to him

19. Not cheat on you


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