What to wear Monday to Sunday (illustrated by Barbie)

When most people think of Barbie, visions of pink tutus, white stilettos and platinum blonde hair spring to mind.

But, just like a real woman, she’s learnt from her youthful fashion follies, and grown into a surprisingly well-dressed doll.

Here is some outfit inspiration from Barbie herself to take you from a dreary Monday morning, to a dreamy Sunday night.


Erm what happened to all the pink?!

Barbie starts her week in a chic red shift dress with white collar and cuff detailing.

She knows that a ponytail is the best way of letting people know you mean business on a Monday…


Travelling on a Tuesday? This navy jumpsuit is way more comfortable than jeans.

Also, please note the absence of a selfie stick, using one’s arm is way more chic, darling.


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Time for a Wednesday workout! 💪 #barbie #barbiestyle

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Even if you don’t have the perpetually  sunny weather that Barbie seems to enjoy, you can still look good while working out.

Barbie has been known to frequent Soul Cycle in Malibu, well how else did you think she got that flat stomach?


Barbs is a huge fan of #tbt posts on Instagram, so it’s no surprise she’s rocking a retro outfit.

This bright red peplum trouser suit (or pant suit as Barbie would say) with white polar neck is a great choice if you are ever visiting Vogue, but would also turn heads wherever you’re off to mid week.


Hanging out with the girls on a Friday calls for polka dots, huge sunnies and a chain strap bag. Race you to the bar…

However much I love her style, I do need Barbie to start tagging her fashionable friends in posts so I can stalk them. Thanks.


Saturday is the day to restock your wardrobe and pose for a pic or two while doing it.

If your office is quite conservative, the weekend is the perfect time to wear those slouchy jumpers and bold prints.


Oh hey hot bestie!

Whether your going to church, shopping or having brunch, Barbie is the only doll you need for outfit inspo in pink and other colours.

Which is your favourite look? Check out more Barbie stylspiration on this dedicated Pinterest board.

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